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I've created duplicates of sites in my testimonials.  Why do you ask?  Well, Wix is such an amazing small business tool that my clients very quickly start to edit and make changes all on their own.  As such, the website you visit today, might not look quite like the original design.  So, in all fairness, I've published generic sites based on already completed contracts.

Contact boxes have been re-directed to All Ways Visuals, so you can visit the sites, test their functionality, and then get in contact with me, so that we can design your on line presence.

We designed a Farmer's Market for Triple Star Acres Farm, in Hanmer Ontario.  Ginette and Pete already had their Facebook page, but they were hoping to keep their business going during COVID by getting their e-commerce website.  I've copied the site and have a duplicate on this site for your review.  This is because my clients are free to edit and adapt their sites as their business grow.  I'm always available to help when they get too busy or just can't get something they want.  All images copyrights to Wix and Triple Star Acre Farms. 

I'm happy to share Ginette's testimonial, "and yes...I LOVE IT!!!! It's so professional looking, it's AMAZING!!" Ginette Simon-Labine, Triple Star Acres Farm, Hanmer, Ontario.

TSAF Testimonial ginette.png

We designed a Camping Site for Cedar Grove Trailer Park, in Whitefish, Ontario.  They needed to have an on-line platform to reduce social contact with their tenants.  They needed on-line registration and notification.  With Wix I provided them with an on-line database connected to their registration form.  Now they can chat in real time with their tenants, do invoices directly on the website and advertise available lots as they come available.  With our SEO optimization they are getting more hits than they have sites for rent!  All images copyrights to Wix and Cedar Grove Trailer Park. 

I'm happy to share June's testimonial, "Wow, looks good, real good!" June Servant, Owner operator, Cedar Grove Trailer Park, Whitefish, Ontario.

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